The Blue Sky
Billing Solution

Telavanti is much more than a billing engine

Telavanti gives you more choice

Why choose Telavanti?

Because Telavanti is much more than a billing engine

The Telavanti System is an innovative Next Generation billing, back-office management and business processes platform designed with convergence in mind and representative of a quantum leap forward from outdated legacy based platforms.

Coupled with a low-cost fee structure designed to enable Client business, it delivers a total billing and back office management solution equipped with all the tools Dealers and Resellers need to build, bill and track sophisticated 21st century product offers.

Because Telavanti offers you more accuracy, more functionality and more flexibility

Telavanti System’s advanced Next Generation architecture ensures an end to poor billing accuracy, clunky reporting and poorly integrated business processes.

The platform is Microsoft based with a user friendly interface and configured to integrate seamlessly with third party programmes including Microsoft Dynamics, Sage and Salesforce CRM packages.

As a Next Generation Billing engine, Telavanti is a leader in Mobile, Mobile Data and Hosted Billing solutions and has been specifically engineered to allow users to build complex offers.

Because Telavanti places you at the centre

The keyword here is "customer-centric", and as a business, Telavanti is committed to exceeding all expectations where responsiveness to client needs is concerned.

Our commercial ethos is designed to enable clients large and small to build their businesses along a well developed, flexible and fully supported progression path.

Because Telavanti gives you more choice

Telavanti clients can opt for a fully managed outsourced bureau service or a self-bill solution whereby the platform is rented, run and operated internally.

Depending upon your particular requirements, a combination of both models, along with a full range of bespoke options are also made available. Each model is priced on a monthly fee based on a small percentage of total monthly billing figure.

Because Telavanti is risk free

A sanity check always makes sound business sense, and for Resellers switching to Telavanti from heritage platforms, our exhaustive "try before you buy programme" ensures they can proceed safely to Telavanti partnership at no risk, cost or inconvenience to themselves. This programme includes a series of free parallel bill runs along with service requirement checks and balances.

Because Telavanti is independent

Telavanti is an independent, privately held company that is not tied to or owned by any one network or Group, and our ongoing upgrade and evaluation programs ensure that all our clients receive sound, impartial advice plus best of breed products, services and support at all times.

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